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A recommendation engine that gives your browser homepage a newspaper look
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Genieo Innovation Ltd.

Genieo is a recommendation engine, which gives your browser homepage the look of a newspaper. The browser will, then, display updates from various websites, such as social networks and news streams. The program will select the information that it offers you based on your previously observed interests.
Updates will appear on your homepage, and will include recent articles from websites that you prefer, the status updates from your friends on social networks, or even birthday reminders that you will receive once you are logged in to Facebook. As you browse through your personalized newspaper, you will be able to share the articles that you like on the social media that you are connected with. The "Settings" section also lists websites that you have visited, as well as it informs others that you might be interested in. Furthermore, you are able to select from the list sites that you wish to block, but apparently, you cannot add others manually. One less pleasent aspect of this interface is the fact that advertisements are also included in your digital newspaper, which might prove annoying for most users.
In conclusion, Genieo is a utility that allows you to save the time you invest in browsing your favorite web pages, because it directly connects you to the content online content that interests you.

Margie Smeer
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  • You save time that you would normally use checking your favorite websites for updates


  • Apparently you cannot add sites of interest manually
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